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In General on December 11, 2009 at 11:28 am

I’m not quite sure how to start this off, so I’ll begin with an introduction.  My name is Anthony Mason.  I’ve worked in the Architecture / Engineering / Construction industry since 1998.  I began this career using AutoCAD release 14 with Architectural Desktop release 1.  I have access to the latest versions, but for now I’m using AutoCAD Architecture 2008 for production work.  What I’m excited about for now is that I’ll soon be starting a project in Revit Architecture.  I’ve done a fair amount of learning, but I know I have a long way to go.

I am a CAD Manager, and thoroughly enjoy the role.  I have always found myself striving to develop best practices and refine processes.  My hope is that the information I post to this blog will sometimes enlighten and sometimes spark productive conversations.

I don’t know what type of blog to refer to this as.  It’s not a “CAD” blog, since it will cover more than just CAD.  It’s not a “work” blog, since I’m doing this on my own time.  Calling it a “CAD / BIM / Procedure / Support Application / AEC” blog is just too wordy.  I suppose this is simply “my” blog, and I’ll post whatever happens to spark my interest.  .-)  I named this blog “Daily Occurrence” because I believe that being excellent in general is a byproduct of being excellent at each thing you do, no matter how insignificant or menial the task may seem.

Finally, I must give credit to those whose insight has contributed to my continuing level of knowledge.  The helpful experts who post on the Autodesk and AUGI forums continually help me delve deeper into these programs.  Paul Aubin’s “Mastering…” series has been an invaluable resource for learning program capabilities, limitations, methods, and best practices.  The blog community of this industry provide content I glean from daily.  My employers have given me a place to hone my skills and raise the level of capability of my fellow co-workers.  To Steve Stafford and the team behind AUGI’s AEC|Edge magazine – this blog exists because of the inspiration given me by your willingness to publish my work.  My sincere thanks to all of you.

  1. Welcome to the blogisphere Anthony! How did you make it snow on your blog?

    • Thanks! WordPress has the snow enabled as an extra through Jan. 4th as an option. Of course, since my layout is mostly a whitewash, it can be hard to tell that it’s snow. .-)

  2. Congratulations on starting a blog. I had no trouble recognizing the snow, although I had no idea how you did it, either. As long as I do not have to shovel it, it is ok by me. 😉

  3. Hi Anthony welcome to blogsville. Hey don’t forget those great ACA tips whilst you are dwelling in excitment and frustration of learning Revit. Cheers

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