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Doctor, it hurts when I do this

In AutoCAD Architecture on January 5, 2010 at 1:11 pm

“Don’t do that.”

Here is a recent glitch we encountered with ACA 2008.  We use Project Navigator, with our details set up as individual View drawings.  We then drag the defined Model Space Views in these drawings onto the Sheet to place the details.  Sometimes the wrong MSV is accidentally dragged into the Sheet, and the natural reaction to correct the error is to hit the ESC key.  For some users, if the ESC key is pressed before picking the insertion point for the viewport ACA crashes.  Not only does it crash, but it also modifies the file and the project.  A viewport gets placed on the sheet, and the View drawing appears as an xref.  In the Sheet Set, the Model Space View gets added to the Sheet, but without a number.

I haven’t been able to figure out what causes some computers to crash and others to continue through this procedure.  If you are affected by this bug, just go through with placing the view and then erase the viewport, detach the xref, and remove the View from the Sheet.  You would end up having to do this anyway, and you’ll save yourself the crash.

According to Autodesk, they have been aware of this problem, as it  has been resolved in a newer release.  Unfortunately, there is no fix for the problem in ACA 2008.

So, if your design application has a problem with you doing <that>, sometimes the only solution is to train yourself to not do <that> anymore.



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