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Let me tell ya, Sonny

In General on May 24, 2010 at 9:20 am

When I was your age, we had to…  Oh, wait, this isn’t my personal blog.  Well, since we’re on the subject:

Autodesk has made the “difficult” decision to discontinue NNTP support for their discussion forums.  I have used various newsreaders over the past decade(-ish) to contribute to and glean from these forums.  For some reason, my brain likes this format better than the web, which is the only reason for my absence from the AUGI forums.  I’ll wait to condemn or approve the new format until I’ve had a chance to use it, but I still have some strong doubts as to its ease of use.  That said, I do think there is potential for a new web-only format to be quite promising, if done right.  We shall see.  I am waiting on a reply to my short-list of concerns and questions I have submitted to Autodesk.  I’ll keep this post updated with an extra information.  In the meantime, R.K. McSwain of has some more information in this post.


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