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Outta My Way! (Interference)

In AutoCAD Architecture on July 7, 2010 at 11:54 am

Some would call this a workaround. Well, it is.

AutoCAD Architecture wall objects allow Interference Conditions.  I use this feature to show my wall boundary being cut by recessed fire extinguisher cabinets.  The block I use for the cabinets includes a mass element, which is what cuts the wall.  A problem arises when attempting to use more than one fire extinguisher on a single wall.  Apparently there is a rule with Interference Conditions that a single item cannot be attached to a wall more than once.  Even though each instance of the block has a unique handle, the mass elements within each block all are technically the same object.

This leaves two options:

1.) Break the wall into two separate walls.

2.) Create a duplicate block definition, and make sure to copy the mass element so its handle is different from the original.

Either choice should work fine, but I chose to create a new block because I didn’t want to break the wall.  Plus, I now have an extra block ready to use next time I encounter the same problem.


Waste and Sadness

In General on July 7, 2010 at 11:09 am

The recent change in the way the Autodesk discussion groups are accessed is a complete and total waste.  I said I would give it a fair shake, and I have.  As someone I respect said, “A wasted day in your life is more than a crime.”  Well, I’ve wasted enough of my time.  I’ve taken a look at a forum system I use occasionally, and the difference in usability is staggering.  It would waste even more time to go through a point-by-point comparison, but I feel I can safely say that:

This is to this


This is to this.

If you like your critiques to be a bit more detailed, head on over to blog nauseam, where Steve Johnson lays it out decently.

As a final point, major kudos to the Lithium marketing team – you’re doing it right.