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Show Hidden Lines Tip

In Revit on August 18, 2011 at 9:15 am

The ‘Show Hidden Lines’ tool in Revit is great, but it currently has a frustrating flaw. You can only select objects to show as hidden if they are *partially* obscured. If they are fully obscured by the object you want them to show through, they cannot be selected as objects to show as hidden lines. The ‘good’ news is that once they are set to show, it’s ok to fully obscure them after the fact. So, to get around this limitation, you have two options that I can find. You can first move one of the objects so you can see part of the hidden one, use the tool, then move it back. If moving isn’t ideal (due to constraints, etc.) you can temporarily switch the view to wireframe and use the tool. Unfortunately wireframe can get a bit messy, but I guess we just do what we have to in this case.  #wedogreatworkaroundhere


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