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In Revit on March 19, 2012 at 7:04 pm

When using sheet keynotes, I’ve encountered the problem of an entry appearing in the list on the sheet, but not appearing in any view on the sheet. Even if the list and all views are removed from the sheet and replaced, the rogue entry still comes back.
The reason for this is that the keynote actually does exist in the view, it’s just not visible. The visibility of the keynote is dependent on the visibility of the item it is attached to. The trick is figuring out how to display the missing object. The most common culprits I’ve seen cause this particular problem are tagging linked models and keynoting before a view is finalized. If the view range or far clip are adjusted, items disappear. If a section is flipped, there could be even more. So be careful out there!

Also, for a bit of fun, add a dimension string along a wall, including windows. Then adjust the view range so the windows are not shown. The dimension string will no longer include them, but when you bring the view range back they will again be dimensioned. This is the same concept, and even though it can be frustrating and confusing coming from a CAD background, this ranks up there with one of the things I like the most about Revit.

  1. Is there a work around or fix for this issue?

  2. None that I know of. It seems to be that this is “as designed”, although I think I’ve seen others lament this as well. As for a fix, I’d go about narrowing down which view is holding the invisible keynote, and then either re-creating that view, or temporarily turning of crop and vastly extend the view range to see if the tag becomes visible.

    • My problem is when I created a dependent view and need to crop the view. When I crop my view, only a couple of keynotes will be visible in the cropped view. This is where problem starts, the keynote value changes. For example, keynote 9 becomes keynote 1 and keynote 12 becomes keynote 2. I need the keynotes to stay the same as this sheet has already been issued and don’t want to cause any confusion. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Ah, sounds like a post-approval document? I think I do have a way to make it happen, but I don’t want to call it a solution because it’s a horrible, horrible workaround. And I haven’t tested it. And it would take forever to explain fully. But in a nutshell, create a view that contains all the keynote tags (in the correct order), and set the scale extremely small, so it shows as a pixel, and put that view on the sheet first.

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